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Private boarding schools in the United Kingdom are an integral part of the national tradition, and they have an outstanding reputation around the world – here’s why:


  • Unrivalled quality of education. The British education system encourages depth of knowledge, a nuanced approach to learning and developing both creative and academic skills, making it utterly unique compared to other international systems. It’s no surprise that such a huge proportion of world leaders – scientists, politicians and important cultural figures – attended elite British institutions for at least part of their education. 

  • Nurturing qualities that go beyond academic learning. These include respect, leadership, dignity, tolerance, diligence, tenacity, discipline, critical thinking, strong ethics, commitment to a healthy lifestyle, a global outlook and love for the natural world

  • Social life. This is an essential part of British education, and students will gain a circle of friends – internationally and locally – that will last a lifetime

  • University preparation. Elite British schools offer one of the safest routes into world-leading British and international universities. 

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