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We can help organise accommodation and accompaniment for your child throughout Exeat weekends and longer school holidays. 


We will plan out an interesting, exciting programme, considering the student’s interests and following any recommendations from parents and school teachers. The programme and budget is agreed with the parents beforehand.

Exeat organising services


  • Meeting the child at school and escorting them back

  • Reserving a hotel room or apartment in London, or an any other destination as chosen by the parents 

  • Accompanying the child for the duration of the Exeat

  • Developing an entertainment programme for the child: visiting galleries and museums with guides, visiting the zoo, LegoLand, Harry Potter World, Thorpe Park, Chessington World of Adventures, Dickens World, attending a musical or play, walks in parks, visiting swimming pools, attending cinema screenings, shopping etc – the possibilities are endless! 

  • Organising private lessons with tutors

  • Preparing homework and reading time together with the child, in accordance with teacher and parent recommendations


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