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For those who plan their child’s education in the United Kingdom but are unwilling to send their child to a boarding school from an early age, we can help facilitate relocation to the UK  for one or both parents, alongside your child.

The advantage of such an option is a more comfortable adaptation for your child to their new environment from an early age, and a more gradual eventual transition into boarding mode. And there’s a fantastic selection of prestigious schools offering day-time education, where the child lives at home, alongside flexi-boarding, where they can live at school temporarily if the parents are away. 


Crucially, by choosing to enroll a child in an English school from an early age, you increase their future chances of gaining a place at the most elite secondary schools in Britain, such as Eton, Harrow, St. Mary’s Ascot and Wycombe Abbey.


For parents, we can organise tailored English learning programmes, specialist courses and programmes in history of art, literature, world history, art or even prepare a bespoke educational program developed according to your requests and interests.


For this service, we offer all the same elements as our individual school selection (multiple options, professional advice, arranging documents and liaising with other parties) to make the process as straightforward as possible for you. We’ll offer a selection of properties for rent/purchase, and can also assist in providing facilities and recruiting house staff. 


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