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Choosing the right school – or possible schools – for your child is one of the toughest, most important decisions a parent will make. But we’re here to help you every step of the way. ​​

•    We research schools based on your educational preferences, and the environment you believe will best suit your child, and provide a shortlist of no fewer than five suitable options  
•    We provide information on every school’s availability for the requested duration of study and year of entry
•    We can offer recommendations on your chosen school, and advice about the relative strengths and weaknesses of others you may be considering 
•    We’ll help organise visits to schools at a time that’s convenient for you
•    We can register your child for selected schools
•    We can assist in  coordinating all communication between the school and parents regarding admission information, important dates, and providing information on any questions that arise in the process
•    We’ll collect all necessary documents from the parents, translate them into English if required (paid separately), and submit them to the school.

We also offer support and consultation on any other points of concern that may arise in what can be a seemingly endless, complicated and at times infuriating process:
•    Provision of all the information regarding the school’s schedule and the fees 
•    Provision of the official school CAS letter and advice for necessary paperwork to obtain a visa
•    Providing information on admission exams
•    Selection of private tutors to prepare the child for interviews, entrance exams and tests
•    Drafting a personalised plan to prepare the child for the entrance exams and interviews
•    Spoken assessment with the child by phone or video call, to determine the level of their spoken English
•    Organising a meeting and/or conversation for the child and parents with the school’s Headteacher and Admissions Director. In cases where it’s not possible for the parents and child to visit the school and interview in person, we can organise a video conference call. Arranging an appointment to complete admissions exams in the UK or your country of residence, in the presence of a qualified invigilator or at the local British Council offices.
•    Receiving admission exam and test results.

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