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Sending your child to a language school for the summer can work wonders for their development. They will be immersed in an environment which gives them an opportunity to constantly communicate in English with teachers and other students. We always ensure that for these courses, the proportion of any nationality of students does not exceed 15%, so speaking in English is imperative.


Besides the curriculum, the summer school offers a vast selection of creative activities – theatre, cinema, music, journalism, dance, photography, leadership as well as various sports classes and weekly excursions to some of London's most exciting museums, galleries and cultural spots.


All the schools that we partner with have an immaculate reputation. We recommend only those schools which we know through personal experience, whose representatives we are in constant contact with.


Our schools have wonderful infrastructure and facilities: tennis courts, swimming pools, cricket fields, golf course access, leisure centres and theatres. All of our schools guarantee  high levels of security, while students are surrounded by individual care and attention with class sizes that never exceed 16 pupils. 


As well as summer boarding school experiences, we offer summer language schools in London without boarding, which will perfectly suit families based in London or visiting for the holidays.

Some schools have both child and adult groups, which allows children and parents to have simultaneous classes. For those coming on holiday (besides the school programme) we are happy to tailor excursions – plus cultural and entertainment programmes – to suit both adults and children. You can also count on our help in selecting the best possible accommodation options in London.


Summer language school options

  • Advice on the choice of school and/or course

  • Assistance in preparation of all necessary documents for the application (filling application forms, collecting medical information, double checking insurance details)

  • Collection of all documents required by the school for the visa application

  • Constant communication with schools before and during the course

  • Arrangement of airport pick-ups and transfers

  • Recommendations on how children should prepare for the course

  • Constant consultation and feedback to parents at all times, before and during the course.

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