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Juliana Gamouletskaia


Juliana studied in the United Kingdom from the age of 11, first attending a traditional English boarding school in Gloucestershire before reading Law at the London School of Economics. 

After eight years of working in the property industry where she held executive positions and worked with VIP clients in leading London companies, Juliana founded Artria London.


Her highly individual approach, deep knowledge of the British educational system and many elite British schools, personal contacts and understanding of specific requirements for successful admissions for overseas students distinguish Juliana from other educational consultants. 


Juliana is bilingual in Russian and English and can also speak French and Spanish.

Kira Taimanova

Educational manager

Kira graduated from the Saint-Petersburg Conservatory School receiving multiple awards in international piano competitions, before securing a place to study at the Paris Conservatoire. Kira also holds a Masters Degree in Creative Industries Management (London).


After 7 years of working for leading communications agencies, in 2010 Kira founded the ‘Centre for Innovative Education’ in Saint-Petersburg, which received prestigious awards in the field of education, before joining Artria in 2014. 


Kira is fluent in Russian and English and can also speak French. Kira is responsible for developing individual educational solutions and programmes for Artria London clients.

Verner Freeson

Account Manager

Verner graduated from Ballet School and continued his performance studies studies at the University of the Arts London. Upon graduation, he received the prestigious Elizabeth West Award as the best young Performance Director.


Verner then went on to work for a variety of projects within fashion, film and contemporary art industries, interacting with clients and overseeing projects some of which received important industry awards. 


Verner is fluent in Russian, English and Latvian. He joined Artria in 2013 and takes care of client relations, ensuring parents (and tutors) always remain informed and happy with our service.

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