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We’ll organise a respected British tutor to visit your home and/or organise online lessons to provide personalised tuition and preparation for the admissions process into British schools/universities.


There is a longstanding tradition of aristocratic British families having a ‘governess’ who works with their children not just academically, but to provide pastoral care and instil positive values. 


The role of the modern tutor is not so far removed from this tradition: their job, besides academic support, is to promote good manners, social skills and positive behaviour, exposing students to critical thinking, public speaking, leadership and debate, as well as other pursuits like competitive sports, art, drama and music. From this, excellent spoken English and academic success naturally follows.

In short, a good tutor gives their students positive tools and traits that will stay with them for their whole life and allow them to flourish as they grow older. We believe these other elements of tutoring are just as important as the academic support, as they help students develop into the brilliant ‘all-rounders’ that top schools and universities love.


Our focus is strictly on providing excellent academic and pastoral support through our tutors – we do not provide house staff for families moving to the UK, but work with trusted partners who can assist on this front. 


All our tutors attended leading British schools and have at least one degree – the majority of them from Oxford and Cambridge – as well as relevant work experience, backed up by excellent references.


We hire tutors based not only on their top-notch professionalism, but also their character, seeking out educators who are friendly, patient, flexible, and dedicated to the subjects they teach.   


Every pupil gets a uniquely tailored programme in each subject. Every course of study begins with a detailed consultation and the setting of specific goals. We determine the pupil’s unique qualities, both personally and academically, and will always try and match them to the most suitable tutor.


Historically, we have had great success in our first attempts at matching students with tutors, and parents very rarely request someone else instead. But we maintain regular contact with tutors and families throughout the education process to ensure everyone is happy with the arrangements. 

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