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All children need support and motivation if they are to succeed. It can be difficult for overseas families to guide their children through boarding school, especially if they did not attend similar schools themselves and are unfamiliar with the British education system and curriculum. 


Boarding schools have numerous resources and pastoral care systems in place to help students adapt to their new surroundings. However, students often need extra help and support from an experienced academic mentor to work with them and the family to help guide their individual development.


We strive to build a close relationship with our students in order to motivate, guide, and advise them. This not only helps build their confidence but also allows them to explore different study techniques and figure out what works best for them, and how they can reach their academic potential while making the most of their time at school. 


We stay in touch with the student’s tutor as well as their house parents and other teachers to provide regular updates, so that you can always remain informed about your child’s academic progress. 


Every family and child is different and our approach varies depending on your unique circumstances. However, there are certain practices we apply for all of our students who are working with academic mentors: ​


  • Touching base with the student once a week via email, and by phone or video call once a fortnight

  • Devising a unique study-objectives plan with the student and monitoring progress throughout the term

  • Discussing and encouraging the student to explore various study techniques to help them achieve and maintain good academic results

  • Ensuring that the student has all relevant study materials and revision books

  • Discussing any concerns the student may have relating to a particular subject, or other area of school life, and suggesting ways to resolve any issues

  • Guiding the student on time management, revision techniques and exam techniques

  • Staying in regular contact with House parents, tutors, and teachers as necessary

  • Monitoring academic progress and giving parents regular feedback as well as passing on academic recommendations

  • Assisting parents in understanding half-term and end of term reports and liaising with the school on behalf of the parents to resolve any concerns

  • Helping the child make important subject choice decisions at GCSE, A Level or IB

  • Assisting in making arrangements for holiday revision plans individually or assisting in revision course selection if required

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