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There are several reasons an overseas family should consider a guardian for their children attending British schools. First and foremost, it’s required by British private school regulations. Any child under 18 arriving in England for permanent studies must have a guardian in the country for the duration of their stay. Usually this is someone appointed by the parents, who bears responsibility for the child during their stay in the country. 


Beyond the formal aspect of the matter, the guardian acts as a mediator between parents, student and school. That involves representing and protecting the interests of the student and parents, and ensuring regular communication with the school.


The requirements are ongoing, and can be almost daily: new lesson timetables, requirements for extra school resources, extracurricular activities, health issues, academic progress and countless other requirements can arise. In addition, sometimes unforeseen situations crop up that require a guardian’s immediate presence at the school.


As guardians, we can help parents understand and adapt to the intricacies, specifics and sometimes unusual traditions of English private schools, which differ significantly from most schooling in Russia. By establishing and maintaining clear, consistent, regular communication with the school, we can help answer virtually any question and address issues as soon as they arise. 


We will create all the conditions to provide a smooth transition for your child to their new environment, and continually help them adapt to British life, enjoy themselves, and make the most of their educational opportunities.  

Guardianship services for children under 18

  • Registration of guardianship and supplying the school with all the necessary contact information

  • Representing the parents’ and child’s interests in school: handling all the correspondence with all school departments on behalf of the parents, in accordance with given instructions

  • Helping to organise trips for the parents – supplying visa letters from the school, hotel reservations and organising transport

  • Help with adapting to the school’s expectations, conditions and ethos, keeping in touch and addressing any of the student’s problems or questions 

  • Monitoring the student’s academic results and behaviour at school, getting recommendations from teachers and swiftly informing parents 

  • Attending school events such as sports matches, parents meetings, school plays or concert performances as and when required 

  • Guarantee of help and support if any problems arise during the child’s stay in the UK, including visiting them in person if necessary

  • Monitoring the school timetable, all school correspondence and reviewing any school trips and excursions offered by the school, while also presenting parents with a regular report

  • Selecting and booking flight and train tickets, before and after the semester and also during half-term holidays

  • Meeting and escorting the child from airport to school (paid separately)

  • Supplying information on required school items (school and sports uniforms, shoes, books, stationary, toiletries etc.), and if necessary ordering/delivering items to the school

  • Ordering name tags for school uniform

  • Organising cake/flower/present delivery from parents for your child's birthday

  • Monitoring your child’s finances, including pocket money, and presenting parents with a spending report

  • Assistance in choosing a mobile phone operator and purchasing a sim-card with a suitable contract


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